Becoming a Nursing Assistant: Classes and Testing

The hardest part about becoming a nurse’s aid is definitely the test.  But to get to your certification test, you need to go through training.  Training is difficult in its own right.

To conquer your classes you should remember one thing: they’re short!  In most states, like Michigan and Minnesota, the training usually takes just a couple of months.  In other places, like NYC or Chicago, it might take a bit longer.  But the point is the same.  These classes don’t take that long!

When it feels too tough, just keep your head down and FOCUS on getting through your training program.  It’s likely you just have a few more weeks.

At test time, though, you need to really buckle down.  It is highly advised that you buy some study guides and lock yourself in a room.  Spend a couple of days in that room studying your butt off.  Once you walk into the test, you want to be incredibly prepared.  You want to know exactly how to wash hands, clean sheets and change bedpans.  You want to know it all like the back of your hand!  And really, just a single good study session is all it takes.

Once you sit in front of your testing station just take a deep breath and focus. Remember that after a few hours, you will be a nurse.  You will finally be able to have your dream job in healthcare.

So the process isn’t too difficult to accomplish, is it? Not by any stretch of the imagination! In fact, hundreds of thousands of people become a certified nursing assistant every year.  If they can do it, so can you.  After all, it’s one of the best nursing jobs around.