What It Takes To Be A Great Nurse

Being a nurse is challenging.  First, you need to be the right person for a nursing job.  Then you need to have the motivation to apply for nurse training.  Once trained, you need to seek out healthcare employers.  The whole process, in itself, is difficult.  So becoming a great nurse or nursing aide is hard.

But to be a GREAT nurse is even more difficult.  You need to train yourself like a german shepherd.  And no amount of paid or free classes can help you there.  Whether you are a certified nursing assistant or a registered nurse: healthcare jobs are hard.  That’s true whether you are in Illinois, Michigan, Connecticut, Pennsylvania or anywhere else.

Luckily, we have broken down the three key things you need to do to be a great nurse.

3 Key Things For Being A Great Nurse

Get a good education.  No matter what, a nurse needs to know her stuff.  Sometimes, she will need to know more than the doctors.  You need to have good training, and a good education.  A nurse who has gone through CNA classes online is going to be a cut above the rest.  If you are serious about being a really great nurse, you need proper CNA training.  If you don’t know how to start that, you should check out this site: http://www.uscnaclassesonline.com.

Be compassionate.  As a nurse, you will be working with people.  A lot of people.  These people need to be cared for, and that’s your job.  If you cannot empathize with them, then you won’t be able to do a good job. So many nurses go in and out of patient rooms without taking much notice.  They don’t care about the patients at all.  If you are can help each of your patients have a great day, you will be a truly great nurse.

Ask for help. Don’t have a big head!  Yes, as a nurse you will have gone through nursing courses.  You may have even taken free online classes.  Maybe you have gone through continuing education.  But at the end of the day, no one knows everything.  If you don’t know something, you will provide much better care by asking for help.  If you ask for help, you will also find that you can make friends.  People will want to be around you.  And that is the true sign of a great nurse…and a great friend.

CNA Classes Online: Is it possible?

Is it truly possible to take online CNA training?

Well, it is and it isn’t.  There are some things you should know.

Firstly, online classes for any discipline need to be approached with caution.  Many online schools are not accredited.  That means a degree from that school is useless.  Always make sure your school is accredited.

Luckily, there are directories where you can look up online schools by state.  For example, if you live in Connecticut, you can check out this online CNA resource for CT.

But in reality, this is usually not a problem.  Most schools that offer these courses do truly allow you to learn online.  In fact, taking your classes online is one of the best ways to go.  It allows flexibility.  It allows you to do your work on your own schedule.

Online courses also let you go through the training more quickly.  If you find a particular class to be easy, you can breeze through it.  Then, you can spend time on the stuff that is harder to understand later.

When it comes to healthcare education, though, you can’t do everything online.  Nursing jobs and nursing assistant jobs require at least some in-person, hands-on training.  That means any respectable school will offer a hybrid class.  A mix of online classes and offline practice. Be sure to look for this when selecting your online school!

If your ultimate goal is to be a certified nursing assistant, then you may also want to look into free classes.  Sometimes free classes are even offered online.  Most time, though, you need to take your free classes offline.  But if you are interested in becoming a CNA, you should at least look into free CNA training.

And yes, these free courses can be found anywhere.  In particular, I know of at least three schools in Maryland, Indiana, Minnesota, Connecticut and Michigan.  There are also a lot of classes in Atlanta and NYC.

So if you are ready to start on your journey, be sure to look into getting trained online.  It’s easy, and usually more affordable.  There is no reason to discount it – it can really work for you!

The only reason you should avoid looking into these classes would be if you really need discipline.  Any sort of online school is going to require that you are a real go-getter.  Someone who can get up on your own and get your work done.  But if you need structure in your routine, then you should consider traditional classes.

Not to worry.  Traditional classes can be easier to find that online classes. Just start asking around local nursing homes and you will quickly find in-person classes to attend.


Becoming a Nursing Assistant: Classes and Testing

The hardest part about becoming a nurse’s aid is definitely the test.  But to get to your certification test, you need to go through training.  Training is difficult in its own right.

To conquer your classes you should remember one thing: they’re short!  In most states, like Michigan and Minnesota, the training usually takes just a couple of months.  In other places, like NYC or Chicago, it might take a bit longer.  But the point is the same.  These classes don’t take that long!

When it feels too tough, just keep your head down and FOCUS on getting through your training program.  It’s likely you just have a few more weeks.

At test time, though, you need to really buckle down.  It is highly advised that you buy some study guides and lock yourself in a room.  Spend a couple of days in that room studying your butt off.  Once you walk into the test, you want to be incredibly prepared.  You want to know exactly how to wash hands, clean sheets and change bedpans.  You want to know it all like the back of your hand!  And really, just a single good study session is all it takes.

Once you sit in front of your testing station just take a deep breath and focus. Remember that after a few hours, you will be a nurse.  You will finally be able to have your dream job in healthcare.

So the process isn’t too difficult to accomplish, is it? Not by any stretch of the imagination! In fact, hundreds of thousands of people become a certified nursing assistant every year.  If they can do it, so can you.  After all, it’s one of the best nursing jobs around.